About Myself

I'm a straight photographer. I define “straight photography” the way the Group f/64 did, partly as photography that has a sharp clarity, but also as photography that uses fundamentally photographic processes to create the image. So, lens, camera, photosensitive surface, and post processes that are photographic in nature, rather than painterly. Most of my work is very representational. I've no resistance to abstraction, and I've made abstractions I'm very proud of, but I've made them in the camera.

I make photos that are completely straight, but I'm also very interested in the ability that photography gives us to see more than we can see with our naked eyes. At the simplest level, good modern digital cameras will give a readable image in nighttime scenes that the photographer sees as impenetrable shadow. You see what you've captured only after the camera shows you the image on the preview screen. And, we've all taken pictures of things that are too fast to see. Pushing the envelope further, one of my big cameras is modified to shoot infrared. These are longer wavelengths of light invisible to humans, which gives me the ability to make photos with a different look, and has taught me to see in a different way. I also work occasionally in High Dynamic Range.